Okay. So who am I?

Well I’ve been alive for 19 years and I still don’t know??

Three years ago I was someone who was obsessed with Adventure Land and who barely did her makeup. Today I am a girl that LIVES for makeup, obsesses over crime scene shows and prefers heels over cowgirl boots. I never thought I’d say that.

I have short layered blackish hair, that also always changes. I let it grow out, get tired of it and cut it. It’s a process.

I’m proudly Mexican. I love Mexican food of course and I’m bilingual, (get you a girl that can speak both…. or nahhhh)

I LIVE for all types of music. Interestingly lyrics don’t depress me but the instruments and sounds do in a song?????? I could be listening to a happy song but if the arrangement of the instruments is sad to me I’ll get sad, it’s hard to explain.

I love agriculture. It’s the one consistent thing in my life. 

I love to cook but I hate cleaning up afterwards, so I barely get creative and do the least in the kitchen. I know I should change that but I’m just too lazy. Sorry 

I’m here for a good time. Always. 

I’m obsessed with dachshunds. If you ask me there are no better dogs in this world other than them.

That’s about it. I’m an only child, yay!