What is love ? 

Oh myyyyyyyy.

Well let me say something I have been through hell and back with the guy I’m in love with. 

We have issues.

We manage to work it out. I think we’re basically the same person when it comes to certain things so we crash. A lot.

Me and him are far from the perfect couple and we’ve both made serious mistakes. And we delt with our demons wrong. 

I can say though, he has always been there for me. He has always made sure I was okay, even when he hurt me, he always came back to make sure I was okay. 

Let me tell you the story of a boy who has held on to me when I wanted to leave and I wasn’t sure of what I wanted. The boy who loved me in his own weird way. He’s the boy who yes, has hurt me before, who has hit me, and  has had power some sort of power over me. He was the boy who was bad to me but was also too damn good. Now let me tell you about the boy who was always there for me and my mom. The boy that gave me his all and then gave me more. The boy who is so crazy about me. 

I’m not sure about most things but I know this boy is in love with me.

Now me and him were in a dark place awhile back. We did everything except talk to each other about us. I can say now that we’re better.

We still argue like crazy and we say things we don’t mean and we both drive each other insane. But when I’m with him and he’s holding me I never feel better. When we’re driving down the road and he’s letting me play my music even though he hates it, I can feel the love. When he kisses my forehead before he leaves for work I feel blesssed. When he leans over in the middle of the night and spoons me I feel great.

Honestly there have been a lot of bad times but there have also been amazing times. The amazing times would beat the bad times or so I would say. 

I fell in love and fell out of love and fell back in love. And know that falling in love is beautiful and magical and it’s okay to take breaks and it’s okay to feel broken and not know what to do because your heart will figure that all out for you. Know that love can be so powerful and that emotions change and feelings do to and love is something you work on. Just know your worth and know when it’s okay to walk away. And never feel bad with walking away because you should know that you each deserve so much happiness and greatness. And if you’re in love and if you’re happy and if you work on things I’m so happy and I wish you all the best with yalls love stories. 

Joe if you ever read this, I chose you over and over again. I love you more than I have ever told you and more than you will ever know. And I’m sorry for being immature some times. I’m sorry for hurting you trying to get back at you for hurting me, and I regret the things I did. And  I know that was wrong. I’m glad we’re happier and I’m glad we work on us.

Love always,



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