The free spirit 

We’ve all known him. Or her. That someone that you meet in your life and you stare at in awe. Someone who is not afraid of to be themselves, that someone tha is there for you and always makes sure you have a good time. 

For me it’s Jordan Hargrove. One of my best friends and someone I’m blessed to have in my life. Jordan. so many things I could say about him. So many things that he is, he’s one of those people that can’t be defined but a couple words. The list is extensive. He is someone who is compassionate and loves everyone for who they are not what they look like. He is someone who gets to know people and gives them chances before every saying anything about them. He is such an adventurous soul, always looking to go somewhere and escape this small town where everyone is so consumed in gossip and judgements glares. Jordan is someone who will always be there for you if you know how to treasure his friendship. Jordan is someone who will listen to all your wild stories and laugh with you and of course judge you a little bit. He is someone who will always make sure you’re safe and he will always be the boyfriend you wish you had because he’s so damn amazing. Jordan’s the person you will always invite to go places because he’s so fun. He is someone who deserves the world. 

My wish for you is this:

I hope you find your Jordan Hargrove.




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